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Fall Kickoff


Our yearly kickoff event marks the beginning of it all. And this year, we're doing it better than ever before. This year, 2021, our  Kick Off will be September 22nd 2021!

Join us to celebrate this year's event and learn how to create and manage a successful team.

At the Kickoff you can expect games and prizes, as well as the opportunity to speak with families who have been personally touched by the March of Dimes. Also, don't forget to talk with some of our directors and get registered for the walk!

You'll also see a great example of just how important the March of Dimes is. The pinwheels you see in the picture to the left represent the number of babies who don't make it to their first birthday each year in the state of Florida. That's over 1,500 babies who never got a chance to be a Gator. We're working to change that, but we need your help!

So join us for the fun and information about MODCC... it's all for the babies. As always, contact us with any questions.

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